Education and Information

This section presents activities that serve the purpose of educating the public in Japan and abroad about the life and work of Mori Ōgai (work in progress). Institutions associated with his name, media coverage, memorial sites, exhibitions, and events will be covered. Data is continuously added and edited. Suggestions and comments are most welcome.


A number of institutions are dedicated to the study of Mori Ōgai, including a literary society as well as museums and memorial centers established at the places of his residence during different stages of his life. These pages describe the different concepts of these institutions and curate current information about their activities.


These pages examine the media coverage on Mori Ōgai, especially in the Japanese print media. They document the discovery and development of new sources on his life, which continues to the present day, and illustrate the ongoing interpretation of his life experiences and his works.

Mori Ōgai in Light of Present Issues- A Feature in the Mainichi Newspaper (April 2019–March 2021)