International Ōgai Studies

Kōno Shion
Superstition at a Crossroads: Mori Ōgai’s Short Stories of Supernatural Phenomena During the Late Meiji Period”, in: Stephan Köhn and Chantal Weber (eds.): Crossing the Borders to Modernity: Fictional Characters as Representations of Alternative Concepts of Life in Meiji Literature (1868-1912), Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2022: 29–43.

1. Introduction: Mori Ōgai's Short Stories of Supematural Phenomena, 29–31.
2. Competing Interpretations of Superstitions, 31–34.
3. Historicism in Superstition, 34–35.
4. Ōgai's “Back-To-Square-One Theory” as a Critique of Historicism, 35–37.
5. Acts of Revenge through Superstition, 37–39.
6. Conclusion, 39–40.
7. Notes, 40–42.
References, 42–43.