Now that I return to the East, I feel a very different person from when I set out to travel across the ocean to the West.
The Ōgai Portal explores the intellectual biography of the medical doctor, translator and writer Mori Rintarō (1862-1922) who became known by his pen name Ōgai.
To promote engagement with his multifaceted life and works – crossing the boundaries between geographical regions and fields of knowledge – it provides information, research perspectives and materials.


Phases of Life • Quotations Relating Memories and Experiences • Lists of Biographical Events • Visual Materials


Chronology of Publications • Bibliography of Ōgai’s Works in Western Translation • Ōgai’s Translations of European Works into Japanese


Studies in European Languages on Ōgai’s Life and Works • Recently Published Studies and Essential Ressources in Japanese Language


Ōgai Museums and other Institutions in Japan und Europa • Coverage in Japanese-Language Media • other Educational Initiatives