Works in Western Translation

Rekishi sono mama to rekishibanare ・ 歴史其儘と歴史離れ

First published in Kokoro no hana 心の花 (Flowers of the Heart), January 1915: 9–13. See also Ōgai zenshū 26: 508–11.

“Rekishi sono mama to rekishibanare: History as It Is and History Ignored”. Transl. Darcy Murray – in: The Historical Literature of Mori Ōgai. Volume 1: The Incident at Sakai and Other Stories. Edited by David [Augustine] Dilworth and J[ohn] Thomas Rimer. Additional contributions by Richard Bowring, Darcy Murray, Edmund R. Skrzypczak, William R. Wilson, Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press 1977 (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works; Japanese Series): 151–54.

“La storia così com’è e l’allontanamento dalla storia”. Transl. Matilde Mastrangelo – in: Il Giappone 28 (1988): 130–34.